Planning 101 - Personal Planner


It is always a good time to make a plan. If you are new to planning, or you want to brush up some previous plans, this guide will help you do it.

What you get:
✅ A set of quality questions in a printable PDF format

Step ONE: Learn from the Past (FREE):
✅ Gain important insights from the past season/year
✅ See what was good and what needs to be improved
✅ Get closure and the ability to move forward
👉 Download the free sample HERE

Step TWO: Create Directions
✅ Set clear directions for the upcoming year
✅ Decide on the most important things you need to accomplish
✅ Explore your current relationships and how they affect you

Step THREE: Set Goals
✅ Use the "Wheel of Life" and the 7 areas to set goals
✅ Find out what your "WHY" is to fuel your motivation
✅ Put systems in place to track progress

This guide will lead you through the planning process. You will be glad you did it, as it will have a massive positive impact on your life.

I am new to planning but I am happy with the results. I'd suggest this to anyone looking to take intentional steps in their life.
- Josh A.

I've tried making plans before, but it was always a bit of a challenge. Going through questions helped me see what is important right now and some goals I want to reach.
- Alyana C.

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Gain clarity, set goals and track your progress!

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Planning 101 - Personal Planner

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